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Andy HenrySenior Geospatial Developer

Andy is SEEG's Geospatial Developer. He builds and maintains our databases and develops bespoke applications to support the group's research. He also produces suites of maps for dissemination to international groups.

Selected Publications

Massey, N.C., Garrod, G., Wiebe, A., Henry, A.J., Huang, Z., Moyes, C.L., Sinka, M.E. (2016). A global bionomic database for the dominant vectors of human malaria. Scientific Data, 3 : 160014 DOI

Bhatt, S., Weiss, D.J., Cameron, E., Bisanzio, D., Mappin, B., Dalrymple, U., Battle, K.E., Moyes, C.L., Henry, A., Eckhoff, P.A., Wenger, E.A., Briƫt, O., Penny, M.A., Smith, T.A., Bennett, A., Yukich, J., Eisele, T.P., Griffin, J.T., Fergus, C.A., Lynch, M., Lindgren, F., Cohen, J.M., Murray, C.L.J., Smith, D.L., Hay, S.I., Cibulskis, R.E. and Gething, P.W (2015). The effect of malaria control on Plasmodium falciparum in Africa between 2000 and 2015. Nature, 526 (7572) : 207-211 DOI

Pigott, D.M., Golding, N., Mylne, A., Huang, Z., Henry, A.J., Weiss, D.J., Brady, O.J., Kraemer, M.U.G., Smith, D.L., Moyes, C.L., Bhatt, S., Gething, P.W., Horby, P.W., Bogoch, I.I., Brownstein, J.S., Mekaru, S.R., Tatem, A.J., Khan, K. and Hay, S.I. (2014). Mapping the zoonotic niche of Ebola virus disease in Africa. eLife, 3 : e04395. DOI

Moyes C.L., Henry, A.J., Golding, N., Huang, Z., Singh, B., Baird, J.K., Newton, P.N, Huffman, M., Duda, K.A, Drakeley, C.J., Elyazar, I.R.F., Anstey, N.M., Chen, Q., Zommers, Z., Bhatt, S., Gething, P.W. and Hay, S.I. (2014). Defining the geographic range of the Plasmodium knowlesi reservoir. Public Library of Science Neglected Tropical Diseases, 8 (3) : e2780 DOI

Moyes, C.L., Temperley, W.H., Henry, A.J., Burgert, C.R. and Hay, S.I. (2013). Providing open access data online to advance malaria research and control. Malaria Journal, 12 : 161. DOI


April 2014 - March 2019 ROAD-MAP II As the scientific and policy scope of MAP has expanded, so too has the volume and intricacy of data assembled and generated by the project, and the complexity of disseminating these resources effectively...
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January 2014 - December 2016 ABRAID The Atlas of Baseline Risk Assessment for Infectious Disease (ABRAID) is the acronym for an automated mapping platform. The essence of the project is to create a system that automatically...
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September 2010 - March 2014 ROAD-MAP This project aims to collate survey data of relevance to malaria control, then disaggregate, standardise and geopositon these data, and make the resulting compiled datasets available to all via an online...
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