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Dr Claire Massey Alumna

Claire Massey (née Wells) was a Research Assistant at SEEG who assisted with collating and summarising mosquito bionomics data (ecology and behaviour) to contribute to the better targetting of appropriate vector control strategies.

In 2015 Claire has moved to the Oxford Long-Term Ecology Lab (OLEL).

Selected Publications

Wiebe, A., Longbottom, J., Gleave, K., Shearer, F.M., Sinka, M.E., Massey, N.C., Cameron, E., Bhatt, S., Gething, P.W., Hemingway, J., Smith, D.L., Coleman, M. and Moyes, C.L. (2017). Geographical distributions of African malaria vector sibling species and evidence for insecticide resistance. Malaria Journal, 16 : 85 DOI