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Dr William WintManaging Director, ERGO

William Wint is Managing Director of the Environmental Research Group (ERGO) and a Senior Departmental Research Associate. He has a range of interests including community ecology, data acquisition and management, and spatial modelling, particularly of disease vectors and their hosts, as well as livestock and other agricultural parameters.

Selected Publications

Kraemer, M.U.G., Faria, N.R., Reiner Jr., R.C., Golding, N., Nikolay, B., Stasse, S., Johansson, M.A., Salje, H., Faye, O., Wint, G.R.W., Niedrig, M., Shearer, F.M., Hill, S.C., Thompson, R.N., Bisanzio, D., Taveira, N., Nax, H.H., Pradelski, B.S.R., Nsoesie, E.O., Murphy, N.R., Bogoch, I.I., Khan, K., Brownstein, J.S., Tatem, A.J., de Oliveira, T., Smith, D.L., Sall, A.A., Pybus, O.G., Hay, S.I. and Cauchemez, S. (2016). Spread of yellow fever virus outbreak in Angola and the Democratic Republic Congo 2015-2016: a modelling study. Lancet Infectious Diseases, : 10.1016/S1473-3099(16)30513-8 DOI

Kraemer, M.U.G., Hay, S.I., Pigott, D.M., Smith, D.L., Wint, G.R.W. and Golding, N. (2016). Progress and challenges in infectious disease cartography. Trends in Parasitology, 32 (1) : 19-29 DOI

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