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Maria DevineOffice Manager

Maria is Office Manager for the group and supports all aspects of SEEG's research. She is the point of contact for arranging meetings and travel, editorial tasks, open access publishing arrangements, and coordinating the management of collaborative grants.



April 2014 - March 2019 ROAD-MAP II As the scientific and policy scope of MAP has expanded, so too has the volume and intricacy of data assembled and generated by the project, and the complexity of disseminating these resources effectively...
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September 2011 - August 2016 IDAMS Dengue is an emerging disease of major global significance and represents an enormous burden for health care systems in endemic countries. Our group has several members (Simon...
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September 2010 - March 2014 ROAD-MAP This project aims to collate survey data of relevance to malaria control, then disaggregate, standardise and geopositon these data, and make the resulting compiled datasets available to all via an online...
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