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January 11, 2016
Estimating treatment-seeking rates to improve malaria reporting

The paper, Treatment-seeking rates in malaria endemic countries by Battle et al published in Malaria Journal aims to assemble sub-national estimates of treatment-seeking behaviours and to predict national treatment-seeking measures for all MECs lacking household survey data.

The proportion of individuals who seek treatment for fever is important in understanding access to and use of health systems, as well as for interpreting data on disease incidence. For many malaria endemic countries (MECs), treatment-seeking information is available from national household surveys. The aim of this paper was 

Estimates of treatment-seeking rates show how health services are utilized and help correct reported malaria case numbers to obtain more accurate measures of disease burden. The assembled and modelled data demonstrated that while treatment-seeking rates have overall increased over time, access remains low in some malaria endemic regions and utilization of government services is in some areas limited.




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