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May 29, 2014
Mapping the Global Distribution of Livestock

A new paper, Mapping the Global Distribution of Livestock by Robinson et al published in PLOS One describes how livestock contributes directly to the livelihoods and food security of almost a billion people and affects the diet and health of many more.

With estimated standing populations of 1.43 billion cattle, 1.87 billion sheep and goats, 0.98 billion pigs, and 19.60 billion chickens, reliable and accessible information on the distribution and abundance of livestock is needed for many reasons, such as social and economic analyses, environmental impacts and large-scale public health and epidemiological investigations.

This paper describes the current approach in detail and presents new global distribution maps at 1 km resolution for cattle, pigs and chickens, and a partial distribution map for ducks. These digital layers are made publically available via the Livestock Geo-Wiki, as will be the maps of other livestock types as they are produced.



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