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Spatial Ecology and Epidemiology Group Projects

SEEG's current portfolio of work can be divided into six key themes. Two of these are related to the malaria parasites of global public health importance, Plasmodium falciparum and Plasmodium vivax. A third is related to another mosquito borne disease, dengue, which causes significant morbidity and mortality at a global scale. A fourth theme is dedicated to improving our knowledge of the spatial distribution of a wide range of infectious diseases of clinical importance. A fifth theme is devoted to understanding the distribution and behaviour of medically important disease vectors, notably the malaria transmitting, Anopheles. And the sixth theme deals with dissemination of datasets. The Principal Investigators (PIs) that lead the majority of SEEG's projects are Simon HayPeter Gething and Catherine Moyes.




Each of the themes below provide more detail on the specific projects SEEG has been working on in these areas and future plans for development.